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A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them

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    EP87 – How Nick Disabato built a profitable productized service

    It's time for another Mega Profitable interview! This series aims to help founders, like you, get profitable. Learn how Nick went from having $21 in the bank (in his first year) to creating a solid, profitable solo-founder business.

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    EP86 – Mega profitable with Brennan Dunn

    Introducing a new series: Mega Profitable. What's the difference between a founder who is mega profitable, and a product person who's just making a living? Brennan Dunn joins me to talk about his journey.

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    EP85 – Facing your launch fears with Mike Taber of

    You'll recognize Mike from Startups for the Rest of Us and the MicroConf conference. He's launching a new product called Bluetick.

    We talked about the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed, setting the ego aside, and growing a SaaS.

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    EP84 – Contrarian bootstrapper Ian Landsman

    "Charge more!" "Use content marketing!" "Start with an ebook!"

    There's a lot of folklore in the startup and bootstrapping community. Do they all stand up to scrutiny?

    This is my interview with long-time SaaS entrepreneur, Ian Landsman.

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    EP82: Adam Wathan is back with a new launch story

    When we last chatted with Adam he'd just written his first book, which did really well.

    His next project is a course called Test Driven Laravel. You won't believe his launch results!

    Happy holidays everyone!

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    EP81: Behind Adam Wathan's $100k book launch

    Adam Wathan has always been passionate about learning new things, and sharing what he's learned with the world.

    Then he discovered that he could earn an independent living doing it.

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