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    EP80: Are we at peak SaaS?

    Should you start a SaaS company in 2016? Does it still make sense to run a SaaS as a solopreneur?

    (Originally posted on the MegaMaker podcast)

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    EP79: Josh Pigford - "We're all winging it"

    Josh is the founder of Baremetrics. He talks about the pros and cons of running a transparent startup, dealing with scrutiny, and his life as an entrepreneur.

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    EP78: Nathan Barry - cash flow therapy (Part 2)

    This is part 2 of my conversation with Nathan Barry. In the past four months, he's taken his burgeoning SaaS company (ConvertKit) from $1 million in annual recurring revenue to $2 million.

    That sounds exciting, but it wasn't easy getting there. In this episode Nathan talks about the stress of being a new CEO, running out of money, not being able to get a loan, and finally figuring out a way to succeed.

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    EP75: Jason Zook on why he’s selling his future

    Jason Zook has a different perspective on life and business. He's not afraid to try weird and crazy business ideas. In 2008 he started a business called I Wear Your Shirt. Over 5 years he earned over $1 million in revenue from wearing over 1,600 sponsored t-shirts.

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