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EP101 – Scott Young: teach yourself how to program, finally!

How to master a new skill (even if you think you're too old to try)

EP100 – James Clear: improving your life in 2019 with Atomic Habits

"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become."

EP99 – Ben Orenstein's new startup is focused on pair programming

Ben is the co-founder of Tuple.app and is running a new course called Habits for Hackers.

EP98 – The hard truth about bootstrapping startups (Part 2 with Jason Cohen)

Jason Cohen asks Justin Jackson hard questions about his startup, and what it's going to take to go full-time.

EP97 – Can you bootstrap a company on the side? (Part 1 with Jason Cohen)

Justin Jackson interviews Jason Cohen from WPengine about bootstrapping, and what it really takes to grow a company.

EP96 – My secret phone call with Hamish

After a live event, Hamish and I talked offline about the realities of being a maker in tech.

EP95 – "Programming's gateway drug" with Samantha Geitz

Should you double down on your strengths, or learn something new?

EP94 – Does the old SaaS playbook still work in 2018?

Ben Orenstein, Derrick Reimer, and Justin Jackson are all building a new product. What still works?

EP93 – SaaS pricing with Patrick Campbell

You need to price your software on two pillars: who you're selling to, and your value metric.

EP92 – 2018 MicroConf guide with Mike Taber

Are you coming to MicroConf in Las Vegas this year?

EP91 – Josh Nielsen from Zencastr: software for podcasters

Josh started out trying to build a "GitHub for music." When that idea didn't pan out, he still wanted to do something with Web Audio and WebRTC. So he started building...

EP90 – "Give yourself time." Building a profitable business on the Shopify apps platform

6 years ago, Bjorn Forsberg built an app called OrderlyPrint for Shopify. His goal was to increase his freedom, and to spend more time with his family. Was able to ach...

EP89 – "We never wanted to fire anyone," Natalie Nagele on Wildbit's journey

Back in the early 2000s, Wildbit was an agency building Flash websites for Philly nightclubs. Then, in 2007, they launched their first product, Beanstalk. Two years l...

EP88 – Pippin Williamson from beer money to over $1 million in revenue with WordPress plugins

Pippin Williamson started out like a lot of us do: building websites for whoever would pay him. He decided to try selling one of his WordPress plugins. Now, Pippin's P...

EP87 – How Nick Disabato built a profitable productized service

It's time for another Mega Profitable interview! This series aims to help founders, like you, get profitable. Learn how Nick went from having $21 in the bank (in his f...

EP86 – Mega profitable with Brennan Dunn

Introducing a new series: Mega Profitable. What's the difference between a founder who is mega profitable, and a product person who's just making a living? Brennan Dun...

EP85 – Facing your launch fears with Mike Taber of Bluetick.io

You'll recognize Mike from Startups for the Rest of Us and the MicroConf conference. He's launching a new product called Bluetick. We talked about the pressure we put...

EP84 – Contrarian bootstrapper Ian Landsman

"Charge more!" "Use content marketing!" "Start with an ebook!" There's a lot of folklore in the startup and bootstrapping community. Do they all stand up to scrutiny?...

EP83: Laura Elizabeth – unmistakable product validation

How do you find product ideas that resonate? Hear how Laura knew there was demand for her project, Client Portal. (This is my special MicroConf 2017 episode!)

EP82: Adam Wathan is back with a new launch story

When we last chatted with Adam he'd just written his first book, which did really well. His next project is a course called Test Driven Laravel. You won't believe his...

EP81: Behind Adam Wathan's $100k book launch

Adam Wathan has always been passionate about learning new things, and sharing what he's learned with the world. Then he discovered that he could earn an independent l...

EP80: Are we at peak SaaS?

Should you start a SaaS company in 2016? Does it still make sense to run a SaaS as a solopreneur? (Originally posted on the MegaMaker podcast)

EP79: Josh Pigford - "We're all winging it"

Josh is the founder of Baremetrics. He talks about the pros and cons of running a transparent startup, dealing with scrutiny, and his life as an entrepreneur.

EP78: Nathan Barry - cash flow therapy (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my conversation with Nathan Barry. In the past four months, he's taken his burgeoning SaaS company (ConvertKit) from $1 million in annual recurring r...

EP77 - Nathan Barry – Three years in the desert (Part 1)

The last time I talked to Nathan, his web app (ConvertKit) had just hit $5,000 in MRR. In this two part series, Nathan describes how they grew that to $182,000 in mont...

EP76: Tom & Dan get physical with Studio Neat

Tom and Dan had one of the most successful Kickstarters of 2010 when they released the Glif. But was that enough to launch full-time careers as product makers?

EP75: Jason Zook on why he’s selling his future

Jason Zook has a different perspective on life and business. He's not afraid to try weird and crazy business ideas. In 2008 he started a business called I Wear Your Sh...

EP74: Tracy Osborn – launching a Kickstarter, a book, a SaaS!

If you want to launch your own Kickstarter, write your own book, or build your own web application you're going to love this episode. Tracy Osborn is a serious bad-ass...

EP73: Justin Jackson – “How I got into products”

Chris Hawkins (from Chasing Product) takes over interviewing and asks Justin the questions.

EP72: Nathan Barry – “The hardest thing I’ve ever done is SaaS”

After having great success with books and courses, Nathan Barry has shifted his attention to his SaaS: a web application called ConvertKit.